Poetry burst in my mental horizon like a nuclear explosion, ‘cauliflower’ clouds destroying cobwebs and dark toxic patches in my being. It was just few years back, though the seeds must be underground for sixty years expressed in my love of literature, music and movies – (which led me to see, write and direct a number of movies in these year specially last twenty five).

What distinguishes poetry? As a recitation or Song, Dance and Music, dominated presentation of literature (in fact all knowledge) till just five hundred years back. Even now, it is important as poetry, pure or propaganda in movies, theatre, musicals stage, video or website.

It is perhaps the rhythm and rhyme – the beat and melody and harmony which, along with brevity and imagery makes it memorable, communicable, impactful and entertaining. My friends call me encyclopedic – the tradition of Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Bertrand Russell and others – my critics call me confused!

I accept and benefit from both labels. Ranging from Erotic to Ontology, Physics, Biology and Psychology to social concerns, sense to non-sense. I even try to blend them in a cocktail, hoping it is organic, heady and enduring! I will quote here one of my poems;