MOVIE MAGIC (Movies Through Century)

About the Book

Movie magic is a book covering 100 years of sustained spell!

An Angel or a Monster?

We have tried to present an overview of 100 year old movie history (all over the world) which has both positive and negative aspects for the creator and the viewer. This is especially true of the three leading commercial centres – Bollywood (Bombay Hindi movies), Hollywood (US) and Japan.
Image moved in 1892 and started talking in 1923 in Jazz Singer (Hollywood).
It has remarkable achievements both on epic and off-beat levels. They cast a hypnotic spell and emotional bonding of the viewers with the star performers and singers. The identification with the character and their predicament is the magnetism which is unparalalled compared to other arts like literature, painting, music etc. Movies combine all the three major art forms besides the charishma of the stars. But it has its flip side also like dark space between stars, littered with broken hearts and life and questionable impact of the crass, commercial movie with an eye on profit at any cost. However, we can make it more powerful and positive. The book is an exciting romp through the stellar world of movies and their creators.